The Organic Reaction Mechanisms Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry is involved with promoting british physical organic chemistry throughout the UK and internationally. We aim to be a forum for those physical organic chemists who are applying their expertise to both traditional and new problems, and to those chemists across these diverse areas who identify a physical organic component in their approach to their sphere of research.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

What is Physical Organic Chemistry and Why Should I Care?

Physical organic chemistry is the quantitative study of the properties of molecules. From this information, we can get a fundamental understanding of how chemical reactions work, and begin to understand the basis of life and the world around us. Applications for these discoveries can include improved drugs for medicine, the development of new materials for novel technologies, and ways to protect the environment, to name but a few. Above all, physical organic chemistry emphasises understanding, and allows us to develop new chemical products and methods safely.

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