The Organic Reaction Mechanisms Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry is involved with promoting british physical organic chemistry throughout the UK and internationally. We aim to be a forum for those physical organic chemists who are applying their expertise to both traditional and new problems, and to those chemists across these diverse areas who identify a physical organic component in their approach to their sphere of research.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Post Graduate Conference

A one day meeting for research students to be held at GlaxoSmithKline (Tonbridge, Kent) on molecular recognition, structure, reactivity and mechanisms in organic chemistry.

Friday 22nd September 2006

The theme of the conference is physical organic chemistry, which we
define as the study of mechanism, reactivity, structure and binding in
organic systems, especially leading to the quantitative, molecular level
understanding of their properties. Contributions are invited from
students whose research can be considered under this heading, which is
interpreted very broadly.

Some examples are: organic reactivity; conformational analysis;
establishing mechanistic pathways; mechanisms in synthesis and
catalysis; supramolecular interactions, complexation and reactivity;
computation of transition states and mechanisms; molecular recognition,
reactions and catalysis in biology; structure activity correlations;
materials where molecular structure controls function; interactions and
reactivity in organised assemblies and interfaces.

Please note that all applicants wishing to offer oral or poster
presentations are asked to apply by e-mailing Dr Ann Marie O’Donoghue
(Department of Chemistry, University Science Laboratories, South Road,
Durham, DH1 3LE. Tel: 0191 3342592, Fax: 0191 3844737, E-mail: The Organic Reaction
Mechanisms Group will provide bursaries to cover travel and other
expenses of those presenting a talk or a poster. The e-mail application
should include all the information requested below and an abstract
should be attached as a Word (.doc) or (.txt) file.

There is no registration fee, but all participants should register by
e-mailing Dr Ann Marie O’Donoghue whether offering a presentation or not.

The closing date for applications is Friday 1st September 2006


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